Harvard Still Bests Stanford For Billionaire Production

Sorry, Stanford: Harvard is still minting more billionaires.

There are 23 billionaires who have MBAs from Stanford University.

Just 41 more, and the "Harvard of the West" will catch up to Harvard.

Harvard still makes more billionaires than any other business school, according to data produced by WealthX.com.

There are 2,325 billionaires worldwide. The United States has the most of any country, and New York City has the most of any city, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

And while Silicon Valley is a bastion of billionaires -- including Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg -- these wealthy people may not be "educated."

Stanford did have the second-most MBA holders who made a fortune, with 23, to Harvard's 64.

Next on the list was Columbia with 14.

And Stanford's "most-notable" billionaire MBA alum has nothing to do with tech -- or even California, at this point. He's Nike honcho Phil Knight.

So go... Ducks?

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