HP Dumps TouchPad, Phones, PCs

Silicon Valley stalwart is spinning off a few divisions, but webOS remains in limbo.

If it runs on webOS, then HP is apparently dropping it. That includes the two-month-old TouchPad and phones (most of which you've not heard of).

Earlier this week HP announced it was buying London-based software company Autonomy, while simultaneously spinning off its PC division.


Sales of the TouchPad had been publicly aggrieved by Best Buy, who wanted HP to take back about 90 percent of the units Best Buy had ordered. The Pre line of phones is the one being offed.

TheNextWeb.com points out, however, that if HP were to license its webOS, they may find some takers -- in light of Google's foray into closing its ecosystem with the purchase of Motorola Mobility.

Update: HP says it is also hanging onto webOS, as well.

As HP continues to adjust to market realities (convulse?), the talk of patents will no doubt arise. HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion, and switched that OS to webOS. There are some patents of value in there, if only for players like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung to ding their competition.

HP will hang onto its printer division -- and its high-margin printer ink business, too

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