Indoor Mask Mandate Returns in Most Parts of the Bay Area

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For millions of people in the Bay Area, Tuesday marked a return to the indoor mask mandate.

At a South Bay 24 Hour Fitness, people could have walked in Monday without a mask. On Tuesday, people had to wear one.

"It don't bother me," Jesse Contreras of San Jose said. "But I know some of my buddies that come to the gym, they're like, 'Dude, we gotta wear it again.' I was like, 'Yeah, sorry.' It don't affect me much."

Employees at Recycle Bookstore in San Jose hope the new mandate will help them avoid scenes like just days ago when a group of anti-maskers walked through the store harassing shoppers and people who work there.

"How much trauma are we supposed to take?" Ryan Cage with the bookstore said. "We're just trying to make money for our family. I don't know how much these people want us to take."

For the most part, people were able to work things out Tuesday, adding a little something extra to their routine.

"Fitness is essential, but also, it's a mental health thing, so we want to make sure that we keep everyone safe and healthy," said Kelsey Kearns, a manager at 24 Hour Fitness.

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