Judge Rules Kids Have Claim on Kumra's Saratoga Estate

Two children whom slain Silicon Valley venture capitalist Raveesh "Ravi'' Kumra fathered with a former prostitute have a valid claim on the millionaire's estate, a judge ruled Tuesday.

A Santa Clara County judge found "clear and convincing evidence'' that the 7- and 9-year-old girls are Kumra's children, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Kumra was killed five months ago in his mansion after suspected gang members with alleged ties to some of Kumra's prostitute girlfriends broke in, bound and gagged him, and made off with valuables.

His ex-wife, who still lived in the mansion with Kumra, was also beaten and bound.

Kumra died of asphyxiation on his kitchen floor. Three men and two suspected prostitutes are awaiting trial for the slaying.

Kumra was a tech investor who at one time owned a popular concert venue in Silicon Valley.

The girls' mother, Keila Goggins, said Kumra loved his daughters and would have wanted them to be cared for by the estate. "It's a wonderful start to making sure that my girls can get their colleges taken care of and their needs, so they would have no limitation on where they wanted to go and what they wanted to be,'' Goggins told the Mercury News.

To read Goggins' petition, click here (PDF)

The judge granted Goggins $1,800 per month, per child in allowance. Kumra's two grown daughters, both in their 30s, opposed the request, saying their father had no financial obligation to the children.

The grown daughters argued that the children were the result of a "sperm donor'' arrangement, which would have barred them from a claim on the estate.

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