Leaders, Community Groups Dish Out COVID-19 Information in East San Jose

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, local leaders and community groups on Tuesday put on their walking shoes and went door to door in hard-hit East San Jose to convince everyone to get tested and vaccinated.

Fearing that social media alerts might not be having enough impact in the area, the county, city and community groups are adding direct phone calls and face-to-face interaction to talk about the virus and vaccine.

"Being able to have that contact face to face makes all the difference in the world," San Jose Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco said.

More than 130 of the canvassers are hitting businesses and homes over the next few weeks. They're using methods from their successful census canvassing efforts of last year, mainly the personal approach in several languages.

"It feels a lot better than over the phone or on Facebook Live," canvasser Rene Antonio Mendoza said. "Door to door is better."

The message on Tuesday was for businesses to do all they can do to be safe so they don't have to close their doors again.

"We’re thinking of every way we can to get the message out," Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez said.

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