‘Hate is Not OK’: LGBTQ Community Parties, Raises Funds to Feel Safe

Many feel targeted by Trump supporters who feel it's now acceptable to express hatred

People were partying with purpose at The Lookout in San Francisco's Castro on Thursday night, raising money to help fight for safety under a Donald Trump presidency.

Since the election of Trump, many in the LGBTQ community say they aren't feeling safe. They say Trump supporters feel it's acceptable to voice hatred.

Chris Hastings organized Thursday night's fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group fighting in court for equal rights.

"Hate is not OK, injustice is not OK," Hastings said. "We are not gonna stand for it."

The center monitors hate groups and is tracking incidents of hate across the country since Election Day, verifying more than 1,000 incidents.

Immigrants, blacks, Muslims and members of LGBTQ community top the list of targets.

For many, the fundraiser is about more than personal safety.

"I'm really vulnerable. I live on Social Security and depend on Medicare and Obamacare," said Arthur Corbin, who added that such safety nets need defending.

"We don't have time for claiming one community is more important than the other," he added. "Everybody's rights, unless they are in the 1 percent, are on the line."

The Lookout party is one of many events aiming to empower people who are uncertain about the future. On Friday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is scheduled to speak at a daylong gathering at the Bill Graham Civic Center called How To Be a Good Ally.

Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

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