Los Gatos ‘Hissing' Doctor Sells Controversial Medical Remedy

A South Bay doctor promoting a controversial medical remedy for numerous ailments is getting nothing but ill will from the California Medical Board.

That remedy is a "hissing" sound, which the doctor says is designed to utilize a body's own energy to heal itself.

The doctor in Los Gatos on Friday was still seeing patients. But the new invention that involves the different hissing sounds can be purchased online, and that's what started his legal problems.

The sound of a homeopathic remedy longtime Los Gatos doctor Bill Gray makes a hissing sound. Gray sells the remedy on his website for $5, which he has done for years.

Gray, a Stanford medical school graduate, said that mobile access has made his method a worldwide remedy.

But the remedy is causing legal pain.

The California Medical Board, in conjunction with the state attorney general, filed a compliment of "gross negligence" saying the method has no scientific basis and criticized Gray for not performing actual exams.

The board is considering suspending or revoking his license.

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