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OnTrac Recruiting, Seeks to Meet Online Shopping Demand

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Delivery network OnTrac, which has facilities throughout the Bay Area, has warehouses stocked full of packages because of the online shopping boom. Now, they need to find more employees to keep up with the demand. 

The holiday season has really added to the strain on warehouse workers at OnTrac. The delivery business has been booming since the pandemic hit since people began ordering just about everything online. Now, add in the holiday rush.

“We’re 24/7 now. So we work all the way through,” said OnTrac Regional General Manager Steve Glenn. “Our warehouse doesn’t close at all. It works around the clock and works on Saturday and Sunday.”

Andrew Urrutia is working his way through college and wants to benefit from OnTrac’s labor shortage. The company has launched weekly job fairs to find workers and acknowledged it is willing to look at anyone regardless of experience. 

“I was actually laid off. I used to work for Chili’s and I was laid off due to the COVID-19,” said Urrutia. “So this is actually a really exciting experience right now.”

What also makes OnTrac’s recruiting different in this holiday season is that these jobs that pay about $17 to $50 an hour, with benefits, are not seasonal jobs that will disappear. 

“They are permanent at this time, so it’s not seasonal,” said HR Specialist Kirsten Ponce. “We are investing, and interested in folks who are interested in being with us long term.”

Still, warehouse work is not easy.

“It seems like it will be hard work, but if you don’t work hard, you shouldn’t be here,” said Urrutia.

As essential warehouse workers for a delivery company, the people who end up with new jobs, for the most part, won’t be affected by the new state curfew.

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