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‘He's Not Welcome Here. He Can Go Someplace Else': Mayor Tells Violent Sex Predator to Leave Dixon

Add Dixon to the list of cities working to keep a newly released violent ex offender out of town

"He's not welcome in Dixon," Mayor Jack Batchelor said of Fraisure Smith, a 51-year-old convicted sex offender. "I don't want him in Dixon. We don't want him in our city."

One week after getting pushed out of Vallejo, where motels refused to rent to him, Smith has made his way to Dixon.

"It's a family-oriented community and there's no place for individuals such as himself to be here in Dixon," Batchelor said. "And we will do everything within our legal authority to make sure he doesn't stay in Dixon.

The owners of the Dixon Motel said they evicted Smith on Wednesday when they realized he was there. Motel owners said he was registered under the Liberty Health Care chaperon monitoring him.

"This motel he stayed at one night is right next door to a large apartment complex where children are out and about playing," Batchelor said.

Smith's attorney previously called the reaction unwanted hysteria.

"It's like a witch hunt," said attorney Jim McEntee, who represents Fraisure Smith.

Smith was sentenced to prison in 2006 after he pleaded no contest to assault with intent to commit rape. Smith filed a petition for conditional release and unconditional discharge in April 2012.

A Solano County Superior Court judge last month ordered Smith's release on transient status. Smith was housed at Coalinga State Hospital before his release. The law requires Smith be released in the county he was living in at the time of conviction.

McEntee said Smith is being monitored around the clock both by GPS and by a chaperon.

Still, Batchelor said Smith is not welcome in his city.

"There is virtually no place in Dixon he could reside, nor would we want him here," Batchelor said. "I'm adamant about that. He's not welcome here. He can go someplace else. We have a nice, safe community and want to keep it that way."

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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