San Bruno

Mountain Lion Seen in Broad Daylight in San Bruno Neighborhood

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A mountain lion was seen strolling down a residential street in San Bruno on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Liz Burdett said she looked out of her window on Thanksgiving day around 4 p.m. and spotted the big cat.

"We saw a mountain like in broad daylight just giving itself a bath across the street," she said.

It was the first daytime sighting for Burdett and her three boys. But the night before, they saw two mountain lions.

"Around 11 p.m., we heard some growling and roaring," Burdett said. "We looked outside our window and saw two mountain lions walking down the sidewalk on Wednesday night. We’ve lived here for four years and that was the first time we’ve seen one then."

California Department of Fish and Wildlife said the number of mountain lion sightings has been normal for this time of the year.

CDFW said wildlife may be coming into more urban places because of the drought and earlier wildfires. People are also more equipped to catch videos and photos of wildlife.

"Any time you catch a glimpse of a mountain lion, I think it's natural to feel a little bit afraid," Ken Puglia with CDFW said. "Some people might be filled with wonder or amazement. The probability that a mountain lion would be a danger to a human is probably pretty low."

Burdett and her family aren't taking any chances. They said they’re keeping a closer eye on their surroundings and limiting outdoor activities, especially when it’s dark out.

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