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Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee Speak Out Against Proposed GOP Tax Plan in San Francisco

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, both of California, are in San Francisco on Friday, discussing the proposed GOP tax plan.

Both have been blunt about their disapproval of the Tax Cuts and Jobs act. Specifically, they are opposed to eliminating medical, student loans and state and local tax deductions.

“We’re fighting a historic fight and it’s more than just Democrats and Republicans,” said Democratic leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi said. “It’s about who we are, as a country and how we support opportunity and fairness.”

The Mission Bay fire station served as Pelosi’s stage on Friday as she discussed how the new GOP plan affects everybody across the country and benefits only the rich.

“This whole tax bill is a gift to corporate America. $1.5 trillion,” said Pelosi.

Pelosi on Twitter even went so far as to call the proposal a #GOPTaxScam.

Not everyone agrees with Pelosi, like California Republican Vice-Chair, Harmeet Dhillon, who says the drastic dip in the corporate tax rate will lead to new jobs, investments and wage growth.

But there are people who might pay for the corporate cuts in other ways.

“This plan could seriously disincentivize me and many of my colleagues from pursuing graduate degrees and using our disciplines to contribute to the common good,” said recent USF grad, Shara Caya who is worried about the vanishing tax deduction on student loan interest.

President Donald Trump has made a self-imposed deadline for the tax plan to be passed: Thanksgiving.

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