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Napa Co. Students Robbed, School Locked Down Before Suspects Arrested

Six high school students were robbed and American Canyon High School was locked down before two armed robbery suspects were arrested by American Canyon police Wednesday, a Napa County Sheriff's Office spokesman said.

The students were coming back from an off-campus lunch at about 12:15 p.m. when two suspects stopped them close to campus, which is at 3000 Newell Drive, sheriff's spokesman Henry Wofford said.

One suspect had a knife and the other had a gun.

Wofford said the suspects demanded the students get on the ground and turn over their personal property such as money, backpacks and shoes and the students complied.

However, one of the suspects put a gun to the head of one of the students. The student got up and a fight ensued between the two.

Shortly after, the student ran toward campus and the other five students followed.

Wofford said the students yelled for help and someone called police.

The school was locked down as police searched for the suspects. Wofford said officers were not sure whether the suspects were on campus.

Four of the six students suffered injuries not considered life-threatening. The four were taken to a hospital and none of the injuries were gunshot wounds.

Wofford said sheriff's officials found no evidence that shots were fired.

According to Wofford, both suspects are from outside the county and are not students.

All of the victims were 16 years old or younger. The lockdown was lifted at about 1:45 p.m.

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