Netflix's Starz Deal Ends Tonight

Disney films will disappear from internet streaming

Los Gatos-based Netflix will lose some family favorites like “Toy Story 3” from its online steaming service on Thursday. A deal between Netflix and the cable channel Starz is ending as of midnight. 

Probably the biggest appeal to Starz is its access to the Disney movie catalog. Now Pixar films and other family friendly flicks like “Tangled” will not be available. However, Netflix users can still get them the old fashioned way by requesting the DVDs or Blu Rays through the mail. 

In 2008, Starz signed a $30 million a year deal to share its content online. The relationship between the two companies showed its first public signs of strain last year when Starz announced it would hold its original shows like “Spartacus” for 90 days before allowing Starz to stream them.
Previously the shows hit Netflix as soon as they aired. But last June Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said he was optimistic a new deal could be signed. He said a $200 million a year deal was not out of the question. That deal never got done.
Starz says it’s protecting its valuable product by making it more exclusive.
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