New 2018 Law Requires More Time Off for New Parents Working at Small Companies

Starting in 2018, moms and dads working at small companies will be able to spend more time with their new children thanks to a new bill.

Senate Bill 63, which focuses on parental leave, will allow for those parents working at companies with 20 to 49 employees to receive 12 weeks of unpaid leave while they bond with their new baby, adopted or fostered child. Parents working at companies with more than 50 employees are already protected under federal law.

The new bill will impact about 2.7 million California parents, but it only protects parents from losing their jobs. They will have to figure out if they can go 12 weeks without receiving a paycheck.

Some people still call the bill a win for families with new additions.

"As a mom that would mean so much," Gena Payne said. "The first six weeks isn't enough at all for any mom so 12 weeks, that would be really great.”

Pam Mathews of San Jose echoed that sentiment, applauding a rule that allows families with new members to stick together for a bit longer.

"I think that anything that can be done that makes it easier for a family to live a normal, good life, I think that’s great," she said.

The Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill, calling it a burden on employees.

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