San Francisco

New Housing May Solve Muni's Operator Shortage: SF Officials

The solution to Muni’s operator shortage could come in the form of new housing, at least that’s what some San Francisco city officials are suggesting, according to a report by The San Francisco Examiner.

A report done by San Francisco analysts in December showed that out of roughly 2,300 drivers needed, Muni only had close to 1,900, that’s a shortage of about 400 drivers, the Examiner reported.

The report indicated that low wages as it compares to the cost of living was one of the reasons for the shortage, so affordable housing may be the answer.

This month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed suggests offering the hundreds of laid off drivers with chariot jobs as Muni operators.

The Examiner article didn’t explain what the next steps are as far as making this a reality, but Muni’s operator union is calling the idea a "tangible and feasible" solution.

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