Newark and Dublin See Population Influx: Report

While some people are packing up and leaving California in record numbers, two cities in the East Bay can’t build houses fast enough to accommodate the influx.

Though on opposite ends of the East Bay, Newark and Dublin have a lot in common -- low crime and housing rates and now, an influx in population.

"Dublin is a great place to live," said Mayor David G. Haubert. "I know it’s a little bit of a commute to Silicon Valley but you can have a family here, great schools great parks."

The California Department of Finance found that Dublin grew over 4% last year amongst cities with 30,000 or more residents and people are still making their way there despite the $1 million median price of a home.

"When you combine two incomes you can afford to live in Dublin," said Real Estate agent Ramez Bahu.

In Newark, a one bedroom apartment runs $2,400 a month and the average price of homes are around $750,000.

"If you live in Newark, you go over the bridge and you are at Facebook," said Paul Le Joy who added that as a real estate broker, he sees people flocking to Newark because of its proximity to Silicon Valley.

There is downsides to both cities however, they can’t build houses fast enough to accommodate their growth.

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