“People Under 30 Won't Even Notice” if the Chronicle Fails

Economist says SF could be first major city without a daily paper

San Francisco could become one of the first major cities in the country without a daily newspaper. And Mayor Gavin Newsom thinks if you are under 30 that you could care less. In fact you're probably not even reading this article.

The May 14 edition of the British paper The Economist says San Francisco “stands a fair chance of becoming the first major American city without a daily newspaper.” (We were tipped off by our friends at The San Francisco Business Times).

And while the news about the shrinking paper going away is bad enough, there is perhaps sadder news later in the piece. The paper quotes Newsom, the would be governor of the state saying, “people under 30 won’t even notice."

They may notice though, when their favorite SF Gate stories stop showing up on the site because the writer behind the story actually worked for the paper and no longer has a job.

Just last week, the Chronicle continued its cost cutting measures by laying off 39 editorial and business employees.

The Media Workers Guild told the Biz Times that the lay offs “appear to be enough to meet (Hearst’s) immediate cost-cutting goals.”

There were previously 112 buyouts and the Guild told the Biz Times, “that brings the total number of jobs eliminated since March to 151.”

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