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North Bay Family Wants Answers After Horse Shot, Killed in Pasture

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A family is Sonoma County wants to know who killed their beloved horse and why?

Investigators said that someone shot and killed the horse named "Buddy" on Monday, while he was in his pasture in Cazadero, which is about 15 miles from the Sonoma coast.

The Lynn family said Buddy, a 26-year-old American Quarter Horse was full of life.

He was one of their favorite horses on their ranch for the past 10 years.

They said they were stunned to find him dead as he was shot in the head.

“It feels so senseless, under the circumstances," said Sharon Lynn.

The shooting happened near the area of Timber Cove and Seaview roads.

“Still in a state of shock. Wondering why? wondering how anyone could ever do anything like that?” said Megan Lynn

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department launched an animal cruelty investigation.

With five more horses to protect the Lynns are now considering taller fences and security cameras.

“We lock them up at night now so they can't have access to the road until absolute daylight and people are around 24/7,” said Megan Lynn

Concerned about the safety of animals in the area, they hope getting the word out about buddy's death will help law enforcement find the person who Is responsible.

“Hopefully, somebody knows something to help us catch whoever did it,” Megan Lynn said.

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