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North Bay Man to Make Second Attempt at Kayaking from California to Hawaii

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A North Bay man is preparing to hit the water for a big undertaking: He's attempting to kayak from California to Hawaii.

About one year ago, Cyril Derreumaux was rescued six days into his first attempt at the Pacific Ocean trek. He lost his sea anchor amid rough waters in the middle of the ocean.

Derreumaux, who has since modified his anchor, explained to NBC Bay Area why he is so determined to complete the 70-day, 2,400-nautical mile journey.

Derreumaux said, "A friend told me this: 'Look Cyril, those 70 days are going to be so long. They are going to feel so long. Seventy days, imagine it. Imagine what you can do in 70 days. But in the scale of your life, it’s two months. It’s nothing.'"

Derreumaux says he's waiting for the right weather to depart, and that could be as early as this weekend.

In 2016, he was among a group that set a Guinness world record after rowing from Monterey to Honolulu in 39 days.

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