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Solano County Hair Salons, Barber Shops Allowed to Reopen

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Solano County hair salons were celebrating Wednesday evening as the word got around they are now cleared to reopen for business for the first time in two months.

It may never be the same experience as it was before, but based on the overwhelming reaction from clients, they’re just ecstatic to get back in the chair.

“The phone just keeps ringing” said Arline Garcia from Tere’s Hair Salon in Fairfield. “Everyone is just like ‘as soon as you’re open please give me a call like right now! I want to be the first one on your list I need a haircut!’”

Arline’s mom, Teresa Garcia is the owner and said she loves her customers and her job. The cuts, perms, colors, all of it.

But she’s a little leery of all the new rules -- mandatory masks, more and more sanitizer, physical distancing, appointment only -- a whole new world.

“Before I worked and I feel fine,” Teresa said. “Now I work, I’m excited and I’m scared too. I don’t want to get sick and I don’t want people to get sick too.”

A lot of customers, Like Fernando Nunez, have been calling for weeks to see when the salon would reopen.

“I even made a joke to her, I said ‘whoever is there tell them to leave, so they can let me in because my hair is overdue,’” said Nunez.

Maria Fernandez, who’s scheduled for a cut next week, said Wednesday’s haircut was her grandson Kyle’s idea

“Every time he would see my mom he wanted to know what time they would open up because he wanted a haircut,” Fernandez said.

The state has given permission only three Bay Area counties to open salons. Napa did it Tuesday and Solano Wednesday.

Sonoma county’s health director said that because of the number of new cases in the county, she does not expect to be opening salons, barbershops, or malls this week.

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