US Not Likely to Reach 70% Vaccination Goal by July 4 at Current Rate: Report

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COVID-19 infections continue to fall around the country as the push for vaccinations rises.

"We still have a lot of Americans who have not yet gotten vaccinated,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University School of Public Health. 

At the current pace, the nation will not reach the president's goal of 70% of adults with at least one dose by July 4. Right now, we’re about 6% shy of it -- but that 6% could be hard to convince. 

Some are strongly opposed to getting one – like a group of anti-vaxxers who disrupted North Bay Congressman Jared Huffman’s town hall Tuesday night -- even sitting on the stage at one point. 

They also were against having to show proof of vaccination in any circumstance. 

“My view is that in the middle of a deadly pandemic that has taken nearly 600,000 lives, it is not unreasonable to ask people before they gather into crowds to have a vaccination,” said Huffman.  

 While California has already reached the 70% goal of getting every adult at least one dose, some states like Alabama are far from it. 

In Russell County, it’s less than 15% fully vaccinated. 

In the Bay Area, demand is dropping off.  Levi’s Stadium will close as a mass vaccination site on the 24, others will stay open for first and second doses like the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  

Nationwide, the incentives are growing. 

Along with California's vaccine lottery program, Marin County is offering an additional $25 gift card for people at some sites, which they get right after their first dose, even though it’s the highest vaccinated county in the state. 

“We want to achieve a high rate of community immunity especially as the state is reopening,” said Marin County Public Information Officer Laine Hendricks. “We’re working in whatever way possible to reach out to those who are hesitant, and a financial incentive might be all that it takes.”

An NBC analysis shows it’ll likely take until the end of July to reach the 70% goal across the United States.

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