Basketball Players Recount Escaping Brussels Attacks

Four days after escaping the bomb blasts at the Brussels airport, life goes on for Kwame Vaugn, Brad Waldow and Mike McKinney.

The trio have returned from playing a professional basketball game in Italy.

"When we went to italy they had Belgium flags everywhere," Waldow said. "So kind of tough to escape it because it's something that's fresh on everybody's mind."

Waldow is a former St. Mary's College basketball star. Vaugn, an Oakland native, played played ball at Cal State Fullerton and McKinney played at Sacramento State. They are among five Americans playing pro basketball for the Port of Antwerp Giants.

"It was like a miracle, honestly" Vaugn said.

The team was at the airport about to fly to a game in Italy when Waldo said he had a gut feeling that something wasn't right in the departure area of the airport. He told Vaugh they needed to leave.

"We literally just walked through security and were about to get food and that's when it happened," Waldow said of the attacks.

McKinney was already at the gate.

"The next thing you kind of hear some commotion and lok up and people are starting to run to the exit, trying to get outside," McKinney said. "Everything just happened so fast."

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