Oakland Police Trying New Tactics to Stop Illegal Sideshows

The sideshow party is over, according to the Oakland Police Department.

Oakland police on Tuesday issued a new warning about sideshows in the city after a Sunday night filled with reckless driving, arrests and an injured officer.

Police said they have a new way to stop the illegal activity.

Police spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson said OPD is using new tactics to crack down on an old problem. Starting this weekend, the sideshow hot spot at 42nd Avenue and Interstate 880 will be barricaded, as will other problem areas.

"If you come to the city of Oakland and participate in illegal sideshow activity, we have zero tolerance," Watson said.

Foothill and 55th is another magnet for the illegal sideshows. Resident Frank Irving says it needs to stop.

"If my Explorer wouldn’t have been here, they would have been in my house," Irving said, referring to a sideshow that happened a few months ago.

On Sunday, about 80 cars and 200 spectators took over the street. Police responded, and violence erupted, as bottles were thrown at officers. One officer was injured.

"I don’t see why they don’t block the streets off and take everybody’s car," Irving said.

City Councilman Noel Gallo said it’s a constant battle.

"When it comes to safety, we are challenged tremendously," Gallo said. "We don’t have the law enforcement numbers we should have."

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