Gillian Edevane

Oakland Woman Talks ‘Nightmare' Megabus Ride from Anaheim

A Megabus headed for the Bay Area erupted into flames last week in Kern County, and one of its passengers is now speaking out about the "nightmare" bus ride, claiming that the company is refusing to properly reimburse passengers for their lost belongings. 

The double-decker tourist bus, which offers discount tickets and was carrying travelers heading back from Disneyland, had stopped so passengers could take a quick bathroom break. But when they came back, they saw the large bus engulfed in flames. 

"I was trying to alert people," she said. "By the time I left the bus, telling people to get off, the bus completely went up in flames and within five minutes the bus was just burning out of control." 

She still doesn't know what caused the bus to catch fire. 

According to Neal, a lot of the riders lost their belongings onboard, including expensive souveniers, and had to wait an additional eight hours for a second bus to come and pick them up. What's worse, she says, is that Megabus is only offering passengers $250 to recoup their losses. 

"We just went to disneyland. Things aren't cheap on Disneyland...I've been saying 'no, that is not enough,' because my luggage itself cost $150," Neal said. 

She's also worried about the safety of future passengers, after another incident left her feeling less-than-secure in the bus. 

I had to say a prayer for them," Neal said. "I had to say a prayer because we don't know what's going to happen and I really hope they get there safely...

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