Oakland's Día De Los Muertos Festival Brings Returns as In-Person Event

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Oakland’s Día De Los Muertos festival returned for another year. But this time it returned as a in-person event Sunday

After going virtual last year during the pandemic, people were back for the festival on International Boulevard

“It was really about welcoming your ancestors from the afterlife and what I really appreciate about indigenous cultures in Meso America,” said Itzel Dias with the Unity Council.

This year, there was a shift.

“We’re not hosting stages those are areas where people crowded so we wanted to make sure the event was as safe as possible,” Dias said.

People were asked to wear masks there was a pop-up covid vaccination clinic with Kaiser Permanente.

Instead of vendors, they hoped to move foot traffic into store fronts. There was also a virtual marketplace.

It was a day many waited for with a tone of healing.

“It’s just beautiful and this area was hit hard with COVID, so it’s really wonderful that we’re out here,” said Oakland resident Susana Renaud. People took in all that was here.

“We have 25 amazing ofrendas created by local artists and community members. We also have Aztec dancers low riders and street soccer tournament,” said Dias.

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