Palo Alto Cracks Down on Homeless People Lining El Camino Real With RVs

Dozens of homeless people hunkered down in RVs next to Stanford University for more than a year will soon be asked to move.

The droves of seemingly larger and larger RVs lining El Camino Real in Palo Alto have drawn some complaints, prompting city officials to ask the owners to move the RVs or risk being towed.

New signage to be posted along the street will ask drivers to move their vehicles within 72 hours, according to police. Towing notices will be issued to those who don't comply.

"Towing is on the table, but it is completely a last resort," Palo Alto Police Department Captain Zach Perron said. "That is absolutely our last hope."

Palo Alto city officials are working with surrounding cities to solve the housing cruch and homelessness with dignity.

“There has to be a place where these people can be treated with some dignity and have the ability to rise above this," homeless advocate Catherine Poston said.

Poston and the individuals living in the RVs said the homeless do their best to keep the street and sidewalks clean. They may not be pleased with the city's decision, but they understand why the city is cracking down.

Mike Becker, who joins scores of others along the Palo Alto sidewalk, has his primary attention set on moving and finding a stable home.

"I'm in the position where I have to live in this RV and it's because the rents are so high around here," he said. "I'm trying to relocate to another area where it's more affordable for me."

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