Palo Alto School District Vows to Stay Open But Needs Parents' Help

NBC Universal, Inc.

One Bay Area school district vowing to stay open amid the latest COVID-19 surge says it needs help to do so.

In a video posted to YouTube, Palo Alto Unified Superintendent Don Austin is asking parents to become school volunteers. He says the recent omicron surge has impacted staffing levels and the district needs necessary roles to be filled by volunteers.

"Until the surge is over, we need our community, one Palo Alto, to volunteer like never before," Austin said. "We need help in areas most people don't even know exist. It won't be glamorous. Many of the essential jobs that occur everyday to support your kids aren't glamorous."

Palo Alto Unified says volunteers must be vaccinated and can get tested for COVID-19 at school testing clinics.

The district is calling on parents of students to begin the volunteer process before extending the opportunities to non-parents.

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