Passengers Return to Bay Area from Mexico, Describe Preparations for Hurricane Patricia

As Hurricane Patricia makes landfall in Mexico, dozens of people arrived at Mineta San Jose International Airport on Friday from Guadalajara, just inland of Puerto Vallarta where the rain had already started falling.

"There's a lot of water coming and people are concerned," said Catalina Guardado, one of the passengers who arrived in the Bay Area from Mexico.

Guardado said people in Guadalajara are being told to shelter-in-place.

"Some houses are putting boards up, but they're telling people after 3 not to leave their house," she said.

Monice Lopez was on the same flight. The rest of her family, preparing to return on Saturday, are now stuck and unsure of what lies ahead.

"We contacted as soon as we landed to make sure they're OK, and to see if they can even leave tomorrow because were concerned about our flight," Lopez said.

The Mexican consulate in San Jose are asking people who live in the Bay Area to call their families in Mexico, let them know what airports are closed and to follow orders from local authorities.

"We just want to make sure everyone is calm right now and they keep very well informed," said Loren Cruz, Mexico consulate spokesperson.

As of late Friday, the Red Cross of Silicon Valley has not sent any volunteers to Mexico and are in a wait-and-see mode. Mexican emergency services started evacuating people on Thursday to dozens of shelters already in place.

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