PG&E Worker Stumbles Upon Marijuana Grow House

Worker calls police after hearing odd sound inside home

Soledad police seized nearly 200 marijuana plants at a home Thursday night after receiving a tip from a PG&E worker.

The worker turned off power to the house because of an unpaid bill and heard a motor running, so he called the police.

The driveway of the home was filled up quickly as officers brought out a steady stream of plants from inside the house.

Investigators said the only parts of the home not filled with pot plants were the living room and a small kitchen.

"It was a pretty elaborate system," said Soledad Police Chief Richard Cox. "They had indoor grow lights, makeshift lighting, wires running every which way and they bypassed the power on the pole."

Police officials said they aren't sure exactly how much all of the marijuana discovered is worth because there is even more pot inside the home in containers.

Fake walls covered the windows of the home to keep the glow of the lights concealed and Action News reporter Brittany Nielsen said the heat from the lamps could be felt as soon as she walked inside the home.

Investigators said they are looking into who owns the home.

Charges like possession with intent to sell and cultivation could be brought against the owners and anyone who participated in the growing operation, police said. Those charges could result in up to 15 years in prison for the offenders.

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