Police Remind Motorists of Pedestrian Safety

Police all over the Bay Area are reminding motorists and pedestrians about street safety.

Officers used Monday's baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves at AT&T Park as a way to send out the reminders by greeting fans at the gate.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said officers have increased sending out traffic citations.

"About 91 percent of them going to cars and rightfully so," Suhr said. "They can kill people."

Los Altos-resident Joe Field said his family is extra careful when they are not in the car.

"Both walking and biking even around the neighborhood corners are blind cars," Field said.

Turlock-resident Humberto Covarrubios said he sticks to the crosswalk after coming too close to a car.

"I said let's skip the crosswalk," he said. "Ended up running across the street."

Police said they hope the reminders given out at Monday's game will save lives.

"People having awareness of that keeps it on your mind," Field said. "Hopefully it slows drivers down."

View more in Jean Elle's video report above.

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