Reports of Possible Firework Explosion in Downtown Sunnyvale Near Burglary Investigation

Police in Sunnyvale responded to a possible explosion near downtown and an unrelated burglary in progress.

Officers responded to calls of an explosive sound, but they did not find any damage. While it caused alarm, it turned out to be fireworks, police said.

Neighbors said they heard a loud boom coming from the downtown area.

"This is not the typical Friday night here on Remington," Matt Tedone said. "Not at all...20-plus years I've lived here. The worst thing we had are speeders up-and-down the street. This is quite out of the ordinary."

At the same time, police received a call about a residential burglary in progress just east of Mountain View High School.

Officers closed off streets in the neighborhood to search for a suspect, and one suspect was arrested.

Police said the burglary and the firework situation were unrelated.

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