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Proposed In-N-Out Location in Campbell Sparks Debate

Campbell is slated to get a new In-N-Out Burger, but not all the burger lovers in the city are happy.

Some people say the proposed site near Hamilton Avenue and Highway 17 is one of the worst in the city in terms of traffic. The intersection already is bogged up during commute hours, and some worry if a new In-N-Out opens there off the exit, it could lead to more congestion.

The popular burger joint is known for its double doubles and long lines. For people in West San Jose and Campbell, the closest In-N-Out is five miles away, near Mineta San Jose International Airport.

"With traffic and all, that adds time, so it'd be a nice place to have one here," Campbell resident Jesus Chaparro Gallegos said.

But not everyone agrees, even if they are fans of the restaurant.

"I love In-N-Out Burger, but this is the 'I don't want them in my neighborhood.' Nothing personal; it's just so crowded," Campbell resident Peggy Strich said.

The city's traffic analysis of the site suggests the number of cars exiting Highway 17 to get a burger would be around 4%. There's a plan to expand the exit to ease congestion.

But planners say this intersection would still receive an "F" rating for time spent waiting for the light.

"If you threw an In-N-Out Burger in here, I just don't see how it works," Strich said.

For others, the closer to "animal-style" burgers the better.

"I know some people aren't happy about it, but I think once it's in here, people will be like, 'You know what? It's a great place to eat, and I don't have to go far.'"

If approved, In-N-Out would need to chip in $80,000 for the road project. The planning commission will make a final decision at its meeting Sept. 10.

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