Officials Warn of Rattlesnakes in Santa Clara County

To avoid snakes, residents are urged to "watch where you walk"

Summertime means nice weather in Santa Clara County -- but it also means rattlesnakes, which can slither onto biking and hiking trails near populated areas, as well as more rustic parks.

About 15 people are bitten each year in Santa Clara County, according to officials. Most are treated and released from the hospital.

Nobody wants to be bitten by a venomous snake. And there's a method to ensure your safety.

To avoid a rattlesnake, don't listen, watch.

"Watch where you walk" is the watchword for rattlesnake safety, according to Santa Clara County emergency officials.

When on the trail, take heed and look for snakes -- they'll be in a cool area, like under a log, when it's hot, and in a warmer area when it's cool, like on a rock.

When you see one, walk away and give the snake plenty of room.

Wear heavy books with ankle coverage and long pants. If you are bitten, stay calm and send someone for help.

Above all, do not try to catch or capture the snake. Leave that for the professionals.

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