Road Rage in Bay Area: Just Don't Get Out of Your Car

After a report from AAA saying nearly 80 percent of drivers nationwide admit to having expressed road rage in the past year, motorists in the Bay Area weighed in.

East Coast transplants say road rage on California's congested roadways is passive-aggressive compared with places such as New York and Boston.

"They probably act out more, but let it go [on the East Coast]," said Cassandra Zarrelli, who moved to San Jose from New York. "Here, they follow you for a little while.”

Another transplant from Boston said in that area, if you get out of your car, be prepared to fight. Here in the Bay Area, people yell and it diffuses.

Matt Mahood, president of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, said he wouldn't advise drivers to pull over and get out.

"I’ve had people make gestures and tailgate, but getting out is bad," he said. "It's best to just back off and let them do what they're going to do. Because you just don’t know what other people are capable of doing."

AAA offered these tips for defusing road rage:

  • Don't cause other drivers to change speed
  • Be tolerant and forgiving
  • Don't respond with eye contact
  • Don't get boxed in
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