Roll Baby, Roll: How Icicles in Willow Glen Makes Rolled Ice Cream

Icicles Ice Cream in Willow Glen serves Thai-style rolled ice cream to over 700 customers a day.

The shop has only been open two months and yet ice cream lovers wait up to an hour for a taste.

Icicles co-owner Lynda Huynh took NBC Bay Area behind the scenes and shared the four-step process to making rolled ice cream.

First, employees pour one of three ice cream bases into a cup. Thai tea, vanilla custard and green tea are the options.

Second, the base is poured and spread onto a cold plate. If customers want a custom flavor, fruits and other ingredients can be added to the base.

Third, the ice cream is rolled into six or seven small rolls using a small utensil.

Lastly, customers can add unlimited toppings to the ice cream.

“I like to consider ourselves as like a Benihaha,” said Huynh. “Instead of having fried rice and meat we serve ice cream on an ice cold pan.”

Each cup costs $6.50.

Owners are planning to open at least two more locations by Spring 2017.

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