Samsung Might Expand Its S Pen to 10.1-Inch Galaxy Note

As we brace ourselves for Mobile World Conference and the impending onslaught of mobile announcements, Samsung has leaked its own Galaxy Note 10.1. That's a Galaxy Note — not a Galaxy Tab — meaning it'll probably be similar to the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note. Haha, will it be a 10-inch smartphone?

Mistake or not, The Verge has some incriminating evidence that indicates Samsung might be serious about a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note. Clues include a screenshot of a developer event that mentions a Galaxy Note 10.1 and also a casting call for a Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial.

Specs have yet to be unveiled, but it's not hard to imagine a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with support for the Galaxy Note's pressure-sensitive "S Pen" stylus. The iPad might have shunned the stylus for the finger, but the stylus can still have a place.

The stylus is still more accurate for drawing and handwriting than the finger, so a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note isn't hard to imagine.

The big question is whether or not Samsung will make it a phone too. Maybe the Korean tech giant will claim the world's largest smartphone! We're mostly joking about this, but hey, stranger things have happened before.

Would you consider buying a competent stylus-driven tablet? The great thing about the Galaxy Note is that it supports both stylus and finger touch. As we said in our hands-on preview, the S Pen is mostly responsive, unlike some other tablets we've played with before (HTC Flyer comes to mind).

Via The Verge

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