San Carlos Doughnut Shop to Shut Down for Good

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If you had the time, Thean Khou would make you something special. She spent the past 28 years creating sweet moments at Chuck's Coffee and Donuts in San Carlos, but she shut it all down Monday night.

"I will miss all my customers, miss work," Khou said. "I love to work, but done."

With tears in her eyes, the 58-year-old said she is struggling to make rent now, and increases are on the horizon.

It's an emotional moment for her children, who grew up in the shop. Uncertain about the future, Khou's son posted her story on Facebook. A friend created a GoFundMe campaign.

As word spread Monday, customers were making one last trip to the shop.

"She deserves all the support she can get," one customer said. "It's Christmas, so I wanted to bring a little support."

On her final night, Khou buzzed around the shop adding an extra sweet something to most orders. Memories she will treasure.

"I'll find something to do to keep me going," she said.

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