San Francisco Bike Rampage Suspect in Psych Ward

 Prosecutors charged a 39-year-old East Bay man with  attempted murder for allegedly running down four male bicyclists with his car  in San Francisco last week.  

The four bicyclists were all struck within a six-minute period  between 9:43 p.m. and 9:49 p.m. Wednesday in the city's Mission and Potrero  Hill neighborhoods.

Police arrested David Mark Clark, of Albany, Friday after he went  to the Albany Police Station to report his car had been carjacked, police  said.    

On Monday the San Francisco District Attorney's Office charged Clark  with 11 felonies -- four counts each of attempted murder, four counts of  assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of battery causing serious  bodily injury -- according to spokeswoman Erica Derryck.

Police said Friday a motive is still unknown for why Clark  allegedly targeted the bicyclists.      Prosecutors not listing any hate crime charges one of only a few clues what the motive isn't.

Another one is that the man is being held under observation at the county jail's psychiatric unit.  

 He is expected to be arraigned in San Francisco Superior Court  Tuesday morning.  

A blue Nissan Rogue sport-utility vehicle first hit a 40-year-old  man in the 2700 block of Harrison Street; then a 33-year-old man in the 2800  block of Harrison Street; a 39-year-old man at the intersection of 23rd and  Pennsylvania streets; and a 25-year-old man at 17th and Missouri streets,  according to police. 

Three of the victims were hospitalized. Two have since been  released, while the third remained in the hospital today in serious  condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.  

After the last collision, the Rogue crashed into a parked car and  hit a pole, police said. The driver then got out and ran, leaving his wallet,  keys and cell phone inside.   

Those items were later traced to Clark, police said.

Police investigators said that based on accounts of the victims  and of witnesses, it appeared the bicyclists had been deliberately struck.  

According to some accounts, the suspect was seen driving on the  wrong side of the road and the car's engine was roaring as it came at the  bicyclist, investigators said.

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