Fourth of July

San Francisco Gearing Up for Fourth of July Fireworks Show

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San Francisco is gearing up for the return of the Fourth of July fireworks show along the waterfront and there are many people in the city visiting.

They are eager to see fireworks and enjoy what they remember before COVID-19.

Preparations well underway Saturday for the 4th of July fireworks show after pandemic restrictions last year brought it to a halt.

“To have not had the opportunity to do that for a year and half that’s very hard on fireworks people so we’re very, very very happy to be back putting this on for the people of San Francisco,” said Pat Dyas with Pyro Spectaculars by Souza.

After a tough year, they’re ready to light up the sky again. He said they have barges near Pier 39 and Aquatic Park.

But people are being discouraged from heading to Treasure Island to watch due to ongoing construction.

Tracy Peterson of Louisiana has plans to watch the fireworks. He and his family came to Fisherman’s Wharf today along with many others.

“Just to see something different doing the same everything this is something different never been,” he said.

At Scoma’s Restaurant, they’re expecting a pretty good crowd.

“This area right now is not exactly back to where it should be because we haven’t gotten that international traveler that we do this time of year but we are seeing a lot of domestic travelers right now and you know we will take it we love it,” said Drew Bernier of Scoma's Restaurant.

Still there are still challenges.

“We are very fortunate that almost all our serving staff came back but a lot of the back house staff they have moved on moved out of the city or they found another jobs its been really a challenge.”

And people can find reminders not to leave anything in their cars. For those ready to enjoy Independence Day out, the display is back.

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