Jimi Hendrix Wants Your Kids to Stay “Stone Free”

Jimi Hendrix newest mascot of SF school district

We knew the Bay Area was cool but this might be taking it to another level.

Last week a school in Oakland became the first in the country to be named after President Barack Obama and now a San Francisco school is unveiling its new mascot from the most unlikely of inspirations.

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Our friends at the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the San Francisco school district has adorned its new education guide with rock legend Jimi Hendrix.

Images of the 1960s icon are spread across the district's 51 pages guide with the words, "Our plan is as transformational now as his music was then," the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday.

The strange choice of mascots has of course upset some in San Francisco who argue idolizing a rock star who died of an overdose is not the best way to go. But Superintendent Carlos Garcia shrugged off the complaints.

"Hey. We're in San Francisco,"  he told the Chronicle. You can download your own pdf copy of the book here. Check out the cover of the book here.

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