Coronavirus Impacting Business in San Francisco

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Some businesses in San Francisco say they’re seeing a drop in numbers due to growing fears about the coronavirus.

The city reported its first confirmed case Thursday and more companies are allowing people to work from home.

Restaurant patrons said they’re not seeing the foot traffic they used to and rideshare drivers say they’re concerned too.

Said Quinabb drives for Uber and Lyft and he said he’s been sharing hand sanitizer with his riders but is worried about the coronavirus.

“I am very scared, especially today,” Quinnab said. “All the mask you know and they’re coughing.”

Pete Sittnick is managing partner at Waterbar on the Embarcadero and said business dinner is down 15%. He also sees an impact as companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have employees work from home.

“Where that impacts us is at lunch and after work those people that are working from home would typically be in the neighborhood and would come here after work,” Sittnick said.

“The impact of the coronavirus on small business has been devastating,” said Jay Cheng, from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. “Our main messages is you have to support your local business you have to support your local restaurant even if its ordering take out from them and picking it up there if you don’t want to stay in the restaurant.”

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