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SF Hearing for Man Shot by Police Postponed as He Remains Critically Injured

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A man injured during an officer-involved shooting earlier this month in San Francisco's Mission District remains in critical condition and is unable to appear in court despite being charged with multiple felonies, his attorney said Wednesday.

Jamaica Hampton, 24, has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault upon a peace officer with force likely to cause great bodily injury, threatening an officer and vandalism, police said.

Hampton, however, remains hospitalized after two officers shot him, striking him three times, on Dec. 7 near Mission and 23rd streets.

The officers were investigating burglary and vehicle tampering reports, and when they encountered Hampton, who was allegedly armed with a glass bottle, an altercation ensued, leading up to the shooting.

Although the District Attorney's Office initially did not file charges immediately after the shooting, the charges were filed Monday and Hampton has been placed in police custody at the hospital.

Then Tuesday, 10 days after the shooting, police held a town hall meeting, where they announced that charges had been filed and police also released surveillance and body-worn camera videos of the shooting.

Although Hampton was due in court to face his charges on Wednesday morning, the arraignment was put over as he's unable to enter a plea because of his condition, according to the Public Defender's Office.

In a statement, Hampton's attorney Deputy Public Defender Danielle Harris said, "The filing of charges of appears to have been timed to closely pre-date the SFPD presentation on December 17, so that the police could announce that Mr. Hampton is facing assault charges. The result is wasted public money in the form of court time and police salaries as two officers are unnecessarily standing by Mr. Hampton around the clock."

Hampton is due back in court on Thursday morning, although it's unlikely his condition will improve by then. He's being held on $50,000 bail.

During Tuesday's town hall meeting, Police Chief William Scott assured Hampton's family they would be able visit him at the hospital, despite being in police custody.

Additionally, Scott identified the two officers who shot at Hampton as Officer Sterling Hayes and Officer Christopher Flores.

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