Three More Probable Cases of Monkeypox in San Francisco Brings Total to 4

The city it still waiting for the CDC to confirm all cases

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Three more probable cases of monkeypox have been identified in San Francisco residents, the department of public health said Thursday.

The first of its kind was detected last week, brining the total number of probable cases to four.

One of the three people with the probable cases identified Thursday, reported to have traveled within the Unites States recently, while the other two did not.

The city it still waiting for the CDC to confirm all cases. Meanwhile, health officials said risk to the overall population in the city is low.

But with all the international travel in and out of the Bay Area, they say expect to see more monkeypox cases.

Three new probable cases of monkeypox were reported in San Francisco Thursday, bringing the total number of cases in the city to four.

Dr. Andi tenner, director for public health emergency preparedness & response.

“I think there is concern obviously as people move around they can take disease with them because we do have cases in SF and there is a case in Alameda and there are other cases in the us I think domestic travel is also a concern and obviously any events where people might be having skin to skin close contact or intimate contact are concerning,” said Dr. Andi Tenner, director of public health emergency preparedness and response. 

Monkeypox appears as a rash or sores on the skin and can begin with flu like symptoms.

But it’s still pretty rare.

No additional information was immediately available.

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