San Jose High School on Alert Following Campus Attack

A San Jose high school was on elevated security Thursday following a violent attack on campus.

Police said they are working leads to find the suspect who entered Silver Creek High on Wednesday afternoon and attempted to take an iPad from a girl. The armed man also pistol whipped a boy who tried to help the girl, police said.

Both victims suffered injuries but are expected to be OK, officials said.

"I'm very concerned, but I'm hoping the school does everything it can and keep children safe," said Adrienne Alvarez, a parent at the school.

Other concerned parents trust school officials to protect their kids.

"I'm a little worried -- brought my daughter lunch today," Gina Sabathia said. "But I have every confidence they're going to keep our kids safe."

East Side Union High School District Superintendent Chris Funk said the campus has surveillance footage of the assault, and shared it with police.

"These types of instances scare everyone because at any time, unless you want to fence your entire school off and bring in metal detectors, these types of things -- you just have to prepare for the best," Funk said.

The district also said schools will assign administrators and advisers to keep an eye out for other suspicious people entering campus during school hours.

The suspect is described as a man in his 20s with no facial hair and no tattoos. He was last seen wearing a grey sweater with front zipper, jeans, blue underwear and brown belt.

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