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San Jose Police Asks City's Independent Police Auditor to Resign Following Controversy

The San Jose Police Officers Union condemned the city’s independent police auditor, Aarón Zisser, Friday for participating in what they called an anti-police rally two weeks ago, a complaint the auditor denied.

The group held a photo of Zisser with a group holding a march and rally over an officer involved shooting, showing San Jose police officers that he may not be independent, demanding he resign.

"He has no business continuing the charade of being a neutral third party overseeing this police department," said the San Jose Police Officers Association President Paul Kelly.

The police union was reportedly already on edge after it complained last week the auditor did not take action when a jail inmate said he would shoot police. So, the auditor supposed involvement with an anti-police event was the last straw.

Zisser said he only attended a pre-gathering, not the actual rally or march and he insists on doing his job.

"Showing up to observe, to listen, is part of my community outreach," Zisser said. "It’s greatly appreciated by community members I’ve found, it builds trust so they feel comfortable coming to our office but it does not mean that I adopt their message or I endorse their message."

It is the latest in a series of complaints against Zisser, including one last week when as reported, Zisser was accused of not warning police about a jail inmate who said he planned to "shoot an officer in the face."

The POA is not convinced Zisser is being impartial, and neither is the police chief.

"The repeated acts of disrespect by this current IPA are simply just reprehensible," said SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia. "For this process to work, the rank and file needs to have faith and trust in the system and they don’t right now."

Zisser said he has no intention of resigning and his contract ends in 2020. Meanwhile, the police department has sent the complaint over to City Hall.

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