San Jose

San Jose Working to Improve Process to Report Illegal Fireworks

The San Jose City Council on Tuesday asked city staff to provide in November a detailed ordinance that will improve the process of reporting illegal fireworks.

The move comes after complaints from residents the current enforcement and citation process is not fair.

One of the things that will be addressed is the online reporting system and making sure that people do not submit vague reports, but are specific, give addresses and clear photos.

"We are going to look at changes to our online reporting to try to get better evidence and will work with the city attorney to make sure we get good evidence to continue to do good online reporting," San Jose Fire Chief Curtis Jacobson said.

Jacobson said while the new fines and enfrocement effort need some improvements, it was a step up in the right direction. During the week of the Fourth of July, the city received more than 4,000 pounds of ilegal fireworks were seized.

Jacobson said it is possible the new plan will also require violators to pay for response costs if their illegal fireworks cause a fire.

Council members will review a detailed plan on Nov. 28.

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