San Jose's Cambrian Park Plaza Sold to New Developer

A South Bay shopping area could soon have a new look.

San Jose's aging Cambrian Park Plaza, which has been around since the 1950s, has been sold to a new developer. Residents have mixed feeling on the possible changes to the shopping center -- some welcome new projects, while others fear new development would destroy Cambrian's nostalgic charm.

"It's my life in here," said Skip Pavone, who has been throwing strikes down lanes at Cambrian Bowl for 50 years. "It's still a coin toss whether we're going to get to stay or not."

Pavone runs the pro shop at Cambrian Bowl.

"I'm hoping they give us a lease and let us stay another 55 years," he said.

New owner Weingarten Realty has not shared details about the future of Cambrian Plaza, only saying it plans to create a unique shopping experience.

"It's going to create a lot of jobs," San Jose-resident Andrew Alexander said  "A lot of business and revenue, which is always a good thing."

Meanwhile, critics worry that new shops and attractions, would also bring more congestion to already crowded roads in the area.

City officials said the Cambrian Park Plaza property is only zoned for commercial use and has been targeted as a growth area. Housing could be added to the area if the property hits its commercial minimum, according to city officials.

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