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San Mateo Police Kill One Pit Bull, Seize Another

A San Mateo police officer used his patrol vehicle to run over two large aggressive dogs Wednesday morning after they attacked a series of people, injuring at least one woman who was later treated for bites on the arm and leg.

The first of several people who called the police reported that he had been attacked and almost bitten by two large pit bulls in the 600 block of Woodside Way at around 9:35 a.m.

Responding officers tried to distract or corral the dogs repeatedly as they attacked a landscaper, who fought them off with a leaf blower, and at least two separate women with small children, according to police. Police were able to direct the dogs away from the women and children.

At one point the dogs ran toward San Mateo High School along East Bellevue Avenue, prompting dispatchers to advise administrators to keep students and staff indoors for their safety.

Later, the dogs ran toward the Stanbridge Academy, leading officers to resort to the use of force as they approached a second school campus where children were present.

When an officer struck the animals with a patrol vehicle in the 500 block of East Poplar Avenue, one was killed instantly. The other survived the impact, then retreated to its' residence where it was eventually seized by animal control.

The dogs' owners showed great remorse for their dogs' behavior and cooperated with the subsequent investigation, according to police.

While still at the home, police learned that one woman had been bitten by both of the dogs before police arrived on the scene, suffering puncture wounds and cuts to her lower leg and bicep. She was treated and released with minor injuries.

In a statement today police said that they were "saddened" that officers were forced to kill the dogs.

"It is always our first intention to respond to and remedy aggressive or wild animal incidents in the most humane manner possible," the statement read. "It's unfortunate that the events of this incident did not allow for that to happen."

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