Sex Sells Soup? Apparently

Sexy Soup Cart joins Mission food revolution

In a bad economy, sex is the one thing that still sells. Even soup.

That's what one San Francisco chef thought was lacking in the food-cart revolution going on in the Mission -- the same scene the city wants to shut down so bad and the same scene the food carties themselves want to keep to their own private Twitter feeds.

The Mission Mission blog tells us that the neighborhood's newest pushcart food service is the Sexy Soup Cart, staffed by the Sexy Soup Lady. Is she being pretentious by dubbing herself sexy? She thinks not.

And if you think so, she thinks you are missing the point. Sexy Soup Lady is a local nutritionist and chef, she says, that was inspired by the likes of the Magic Curry Cart and the Creme Brulee Cart.

"What's more playful than a Sexy Soup?" She asked Mission Mission. (Rhetorically.) "The adjective sexy is not being used in the erotic sense, but in the alternate definition meaning 'interesting, exciting, appealing.' Just as the Curry is Magic, so is the Soup Sexy!"

"I wanted to contribute through my dedication to the use of local and seasonal foods," she told Mission Mission. "Each of my soups will be based on the locally available, seasonal foods offered to us through our many farmer's markets. That's why the last soup was an asparagus soup, which is delicious and in season right now!"

Wondering how can you find her and decide whether she is sexy or her soup is fun? Follow her on Twitter to find out what alley she will be popping up in next.

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