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SF Neighborhood Concerned Woman's Beating Still Unsolved

About 150 people in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood gathered Thursday night to learn more about a woman's brutal beating captured on surveillance video.

Police were on hand to answer questions from concerned neighbors after twice seeing suspect leads fall through. They handed out more fliers of the suspect sketch, hoping for new leads.

On Aug. 20, a woman, who was not identified, was taking a walk in Lafayette Park area, near the intersection of Washington and Gough streets about 7:45 p.m.when a man approached her and started punching her in the head and face. She was knocked to the ground, and the man continued to punch her about 20 more times before walking off.

Raw surveillance video of a woman who was viciously beaten for no apparent reason by a stranger she passed on the sidewalk in San Francisco last weekend, according to San Francisco police.

At the community meeting Thursday night, everyone was concerned that the suspect is still on the loose.

"It was devastating to watch," neighbor Ming Chapin said.

Chapin has lived in Pacific Heights for more than 25 years and says this aggressive behavior has gotten worse in the park.

"Since the renovation, police can't drive through the park because walkways aren't wide enough," Chapin said. "They only come when they're called."

Police said the victim in the beating is doing OK and has visited the police station a few times to provide more information about the suspect.

Officers have taken the crime personally, carrying the suspect sketch in their pockets, searching the area.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Mark Farrell, who organized the meeting, said he'll try to secure funding for better lighting in the neighborhood park. And neighbors said they hope police will address the growing problem of aggressive behavior by mentally ill and homeless people in the neighborhood.

"Frankly, when I have this baby, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I don't feel safe," resident Guenevere Courtney said.

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